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16 Channel 5mp NVR Recorder with Human Detection Analytics

  • R1,099.00
  • Product Code: 16cNVR
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Tags: 16 channel, 16 channel dvr, 16 channel nvr, nvr, dvr, 1080p, network recorder

  • 16 Channels at up to 5mp Resolution (Handles 5mp, 4mp, 3mp, 2mp, 1.3mp and 1mp IP Cameras)
  • Save harddrive space.  System can be set up to only record when it detects a human (not just standard motion detection) which will send an alarm to your phone.  
  • Compatible with any IP camera (Onvif Standard) Including Eagleview, Hikvision, Dahua, TVT, Provision, Uniview
  • 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x Network 
  • Anti-Theft detection, Video Blind detection, Motion Detection, Permanent Recording, (all of these with individual schedules)
  • Send video alarm via email to phone (e.g. when a camera gets disconnected, stolen)
  • Can detect harddrive malfunction and will send email when this happens
  • Much more options.
  • Can be used for 1mp and 1.3mp IP cameras as well
  • Full remote view capable with barcode scanning on PC/Imac/Android/iPhone/Ipad
  • SImple to use, not much else to explain :)
  • 12vDC, 1amp
  • 12 Months warranty and 2 weeks money back guarantee on this product

Simple and easy.  Just connect your IP cameras to your switch or router.  Connect the NVR to your switch/router.  The NVR will automatically detect all the IP cameras on your network with the click of a button.  Then you can setup your alarms, motion detection, rules, install harddrive and scan barcode for remote view.  Please note I don't always state every function of my systems because the functions are standard these days.  

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