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Nevenoe Dual Optics Outdoor Digital Outdoor Motion Detector (with mounting bracket)

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  • Nevenoe N85W Series Outdoor High-Security Digital Motion Detector Module WITH MOUNTING BRACKET
  • The N85W combines a special weatherproof design and the proven technology of our High-Security Motion Detector with Pet Immunity
  • Animal Immunity (up to 20kg)
  • Allows large-breed dogs and  multiple pets to roam freely below
    the detection level
  • Protects corridors or vertical  surfaces such as walls or  balcony doors
  • Waterproof / Anti-tamper function PIR Intrusion detector integrating advanced security technology
  • Two Dual PIR Sensors with high accuracy, intelligent digital chip reduces false alarm signals


  • In residential outdoor installations use to protect areas such as your balcony, backyard, swimming pool, toolshed, garage or driveway.
  • In commercial outdoor installations use to protect areas such as your parking area, storage facility, garage, loading dock, walkway or high-security grounds.
  • When the sensor detects human movement on your property it can cause your alarm system to trigger devices such as lights, chimes, sirens, CCTV cameras and strobe lights.
  • Provide extra security to your property by creating an invisible barrier that identifies intruders before they get inside.
  • Overcomes the environmental challenges of the outdoors while giving you the same reliability as a high-performance indoor motion detector by combining a special weatherproof


Working voltage: DC 9-16V
Working current: 30mA
Detection distance: 11m
Detection angle: Wide Angle 90 degree
Mounting: wall mounted
Mounting height: 2.1m~2.7m
Detection Way: Dual Sensor
Pet Immune: 20KG
Environment humidity: 95%RH(no condensation)
Alarm output: NC and NO Output

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